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All Artwork is unique and original, it is contemporary art by the artists we represent in our collection.


Liebe Freunde, Kuchen und Kunst Liebhaber!

Am 16.12.2019 lese ich ab 17:00 Uhr einige der sarkastischsten Weihnachtsgedichte vor. Dazu ist unsere Weihnachtsterasse geöffnet! Es gibt Weihnachtsgebäck, Waffeln und heissen Eierlikör! Wer vor Weihnachten noch Kuchen und Kunst sammeln möchte, muss diese Gelegenheit nutzen da wir uns am 17 für die Feiertage nach Österreich zurückziehen! Über Ihr kommen freuen wir uns. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Karl Maria Kinsky

Galerie atKinsky - Carrer Sureda 11, 07680 Porto Cristo

Queridos amigos, pasteles y amantes del arte! El 16.12.2019 leeré algunos de los poemas navideños más sarcásticos a partir de las 17:00 horas. Nuestra terraza de Navidad está abierta para esto! Hay galletas de Navidad, gofres y licor de huevo caliente! Si quieres coleccionar pasteles y arte antes de Navidad, tienes que aprovechar esta oportunidad porque nos vamos a retirar a Austria para las vacaciones del día 17! Estaremos encantados de recibir su visita.

Atentamente Karl Maria Kinsky

Galeria atKinsky - Carrer Sureda 11, 07680 Porto Cristo

Dear friends, cake and art lovers! On 16.12.2019 I will read some of the most sarcastic Christmas poems from 17:00 hours. Our Christmas terrace is open for this event! There are Christmas cookies, waffles and hot egg liqueur! If you want to collect cakes and art before Christmas, you have to take this opportunity because we are retiring to Austria for the holidays on the 17th! We look forward to your visit.

Yours Karl Maria Kinsky

Art Gallery atKinsky - Carrer Sureda 11, 07680 Porto Cristo


AtKinsky Art Gallery

Carrer den Sureda 11, 07680 Porto Cristo, Baleares, Spain

Vicky Pérez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1969

She studied Fine Arts at MEEBA (Mutual de Estudiantes y Egresados de Bellas Artes) in Buenos Aires between 1994 and 2000 in the disciplines of sculpture, drawing and painting. He continued his training with sculptors Jorge Bianchi and Claudio Azzatto (both disciples of the master Antonio Pujía) until 2003 when he moved to live in Mallorca, Spain. In Palma de Mallorca, in 2004 he trained in Graphic Design and Web Design. He continues with the exercise of sculpture as a hobby. Between 2015 and 2016 he studied at the Universidad Europea Miguel Cervantes, "Gestión Cultural y Artística", a training course given by the Instituto de Gestión Cultural y Artística. At the end of this course she decides to devote herself professionally to art and develops the project "Sirenas de Mallorca" which is the one that opens the doors to the artistic community of the island and allows her to become known as a sculptor. Since 1995 she has participated in numerous exhibitions and in recent years has intensified her participation.
She has been collaborating with the association Women in Equality since 2017 and for the third consecutive year she is in charge of designing the awards that are given to outstanding women for their work in the world of science, art, sport and business. It belongs to the group of artists "Ou verd" created in Mallorca and has renowned artists of different nationalities.She has participated in exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and other towns on the island.

Lydia Hoffnungsthal, master student of Prof. Immendorf (Germanay)

has been added to our collection. We have met Lydia as hardworking artist with international projects and representation. Her Art can be viewed in our Gallery in Porto Cristo C/Sureda 11, 076870 Porto Cristo as well as in our Partner Gallery Arte&Casa in the center of the Port, Port Andratx.

Today I am making a welcome offer on one of her sculptures made from teak, calc, silicone paint on a Mares Stone Plate. It weights around 25Kg was created in 2007 and the size is 50 x 90 x 8 cm. Expert Value of the Stone is 1850,- My price today is only 1380,- EUR incl. Vat and excl. transport.

Lydias Art can be viewed life in our Gallery Monday through Saturday from 9am to 1pm and in the afternoons and evenings with appointment.


Hanne Holze

I am beyond excited to represent Hanne Holze from Mallorca/Spain to you. From the very moment we met, our hearts connected and also her art indeered me so much that I had to add her to my collection. I usually do not like clowns, but these two are amazing.

All four works are from 2019, 70 x 70 cm, acrylic on canvas, signed at the bottom right hand side, shiping and tax incl.

Expert Value is 4.480,-
My price today 3.900,-

Hanne Holze, born in Germany, has lived and worked in Mallorca for 21 years. Her large humorous figures, painted in oil and acrylic, are in private collections all over the world.

The trade with art and antiques has trained her eye. The handling of beautiful things and the joy of life is an expression of her painting.

She observes people and parodies them in her paintings - always positive, benevolent and lovable. Strong and yet gentle colours, life-affirming, human motifs, carefree figures, round as a ball with sometimes curious anatomy give her painting unmistakability and uniqueness.

After private watercolour lessons Hanne Holze developed oil painting autodidactically and found her style with this technique. She successfully participated in the International Art Prize on the Internet and exhibited in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Beijing and Mallorca.

Her paintings are in collections on Mallorca, in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Holland, France, America and Japan.

Hanne Holze has lived and worked in Mallorca since 1998. For almost 14 years she lived on the Finca Son Bages near Montuiri, temporarily in Felanitx and since August 2015 she has been living outside Llucmajor.


Michael Fuchs

Art is the very mirror of who we are, our aspirations and hopes, our fears and struggles, our loves and hates. It reflects our inner self, our dignity and weakness, our ina dequacies as well as strengths. But art is also a window to a world envisioned by faith alone. The world of the saints and angels, the heaven of God. It is from the Creator that we originate and have our being. And so the world of art we create, is also His gift of inspiration to us. The gift of His tender love.   

~Michael Joseph Fuchs

Michael Fuchs was born in Paris, France in 1952. He spent his childhood and youth with his mother, Geraldine Krongold, in New York City and Los Angeles.

1970 artist leaves America to study painting with his father Ernst Fuchs and Anton Lehmden at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, earning a Masters degree in Fine Arts in 1976. Read more

Title: "Lila"
Size: 120 x 80 cm
Techique: Öl auf Leinwand
Year 2015

Expert value € 35.000,-

My offer       € 32.500,-


“When I paint a portrait I create textures, I see to the coloration so that the paint would spread naturally and diversely thus producing an effect of lightness and breadth. I paint spots of color, lines and dots. I know not how to paint psychology, depth of an image or a life lived by someone. And yet in a surprising way this all appears by itself. A mystery inexplicable for me.”

Alexander Ilichev

Title: Azzurro

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: hight 120cm x length 1350cm and 2cm deep.

Dated: 2014 The painting is signed at the front, dated and it is a unique original.

Expert Value: € 7.000,-

My Offer: € 6.400,-


Tamar Saraseh lives in Indonesia, his work is the true pop art of asia, his motives are spaceous, yet very detailed, he shows us the world through his eyes. The spectator can easily imagine seeing one of his motives as a murial.

He has studied art and works as art professor in his township. He exhibits firstly in the Asian market, and is delt exclusively through atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky in Europe and America.

The Lucie Cole Foundation in France nominated Tamar Saraseh as artist of the year 2018. He was born in Sumenep in East Java, Indonesia, in 1966.

Education: Visual Art- Malang University, Indonesia, 1985-1989. First art exhibition 1988.

Tamar works as an art teacher in Indonesia today and is part of a group that builds shelters for homeless kids. His group provides not only food and a home to 0rphant children but he teaches them art. A large portion of what Tamar earns with his paintings goes into this project.

He is represented in national & international collections

Title: the Bullracing Champion

Year: 2017

Size: 140x130cm

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Expert value: € 9.720,-

My offer: € 7.830,-


Artist: Judith Sturm

Title:  Aphrodite (self portrait)

Year: 2018 - dated and signed

Technique: Oil, Acrylic & Oxidant on canvas

Size: 100x160x4cm

Expert Price € 9.360,-

(incl. taxes and delivery in europe)

About the Artist,

Judith Sturm is a german painter from Berlin who is internationally represented in private and public collections. Her style is best known as "informal realism" in which she uses minerals to wash out an informal structure on the canvas and later adding paint. 

Also a significant detail of Sturms work, is the anonimity in which her protagonists are shown, mostly missing the head or faces.

She has currently been auctioned at imKinsky in Vienna and has been curated to be auctioned at Sothebys in Berlin. Four of her early works are being prepared for auction at Christies in New Year later in the year.

Judith Sturm lives in Berlin, and paints as Artist in Residence in Austria and Spain. She has been represented in our collection since 2010.  for further information visit Judith Sturm. To collect this marvelous piece of art follow this link:

AtKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky is a private austrian Art Collectin, foundet by Count Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau together with Anni Fuchs who is general manager to the ernst fuchs collection in austria. Atkinsky represents internationl contemporary artists. this image shows the work "Junge" by Ramona Schnekenburger whose work is also represented in the collection.

Ramona Schnekenburger, Austria


This work from 2010 is Schnekenburgers first attempt to use pencil on canvas, with oil, acrylic. mixed media

Sizes: 100x50 and 100x120cm


The motive for the painting was a foto of a stranger, Schnekenburger picked up at the second hand market. She used various papers to create the backgroundlayers.

Work from Ramona Schnekenburger is rare and I am offering a great opportunity to own a early work from this artist at a speacial price.

Gallery Price: € 5.800,-



I have collected a painting of Judith Sturm. The Team of atKinsky was great in assisting me with the transport of the painting, and I am enjoying the painting every day. I was scarred at first because of the size of the painting, but Karl has taken my worries right away, and was in touch throughout the purchasing process and delivery time. Here is my work from Judith Sturm. 

I highly reccomend the Kinsky Collection.

                                 Dirk Sarnoch  in Berlin an

this image shows art work garden eden by Judith Sturm, it was sold to a private collector in berlin in 2018. Judith Sturm is reprsented by atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky and is the creator of the informal realism, a creative process that works with minerals and color adding information into abstract tissue

Purchasing is super easy, and you can talk to someone from the collection any day of the week. I have found the service to be perfect and the painting arrived shortly after I bought it. I would collect again, if there was another opportunity.

I am currently leasing a painting from Karl

                         Christian Funk - Saarbrookan

Get your motivational Art calendar by Judith Sturm today. 2020 is around the corner and you must not be left behind without one!!!

There is a discount until 5th of september!


Karl Maria Kinsky is the holder of the officers cross at the holy order of saint stanislas.

What is the Order of Saint Stanislas?

The Order of Saint Stanislas is a worldwide Christian organization of women and men who have made it their mission to help poor and disadvantaged people around the world.

Origin and history:

In 1765 the Order of Saint Stanislas was founded in Poland as a dynastic order of knights. Today it is an internationally active charitable association.


We meet once or twice a month and have grown together into a community of friends. In addition to our charitable activities, we also engage in cultural and sporting activities and travel. We stand for equal rights for all people, regardless of their origin or political orientation.The Grand Priory of Austria is unreservedly committed to the democratic Republic of Austria and the laws of our country.
The orders, garments and coats of arms are a bow to the traditions of the old Saint Stanislaus order. read more

As knight of a holy order you can take part in the charities your order is involved in, create your own or choose a cause you wish to support. Karl has chosen "Si-Mallorca" and here is what he wants us to know about his reasons and how you can help.

Si Mallorca is a non profit org which helps people in severe crisis here in Mallorca. See, nobody knows about this as the spanish are great in ignoring their own peoples needs, but the Island is ranked in the TOP 5 on europes poverty list. Can you believe it? A place where Millions are made each year from tourism. There are mothers with children who have become victim to domestic violence, who dont have access to money, food and just about anything else the kids need. Some of these families are too embarressed to call out for help and hunger for days until somone is notified. We want to help change and support the si-mallorca.org so they can keep helping these families. I will link up our website later today and I hope I can reach out to a couple of people here who would rather help support people in crises then eat out today. For a € 77,- donation you can become a patron of a childs meal in school for a complete month and for as little as € 10,- a fridge can be filled for a couple of days. With every piece of art you purchase from us we will purchase one patronship for a childs basic meal support. read more

.. Ask me for more details, click the SI-MALLORCA Link below and find out how you can help! thank you - Karl #feedmallorca




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