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*All of our artpieces are signed originals and  sold with certification from our collection. 

*Todas nuestras obras de arte son originales firmadas y se venden con certificación de nuestra colección.

*Alle unsere Kunswerke sind ausschließlich Originalwerke, Internationaler Künstler und werden mit Zertifikat verkauft.

Yuriy Musatov - Ukraine

Yuriy is one of the most up and coming Artists from war struck Ukraine, one who has already made international fame early on in his astonishing carreer. 

Sience 2017 member UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva (IAC) and National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

In 2008 graduated Lviv National Academy of Arts.

In the years 2012-2023 he had 15 solo projects and exhibitions, including «Explosion», Helen Ritz Gallery.

Valencia, Spain; «My Explosion», Kahan Art Space Budapest, Mudapest, Hungary;

Project 2020 «Project 2020». Dasha S Kandinsky. Yuriy Musatov – MANDARIN MAISON art by Spivakovska. Kyiv. Ukraine; «Invasion», Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, Kyiv. Ukraine;

«My Explosion», Kahan Art Space Budapest, Mudapest, Hungary. available here in our artshop or in our galleries in Palma de Mallorca

Inez Valls Fortuny - Spain

Inez, a contemporary artist based in Rosapalo Bcn, specializes in abstract paintings inspired by nature and emotions such as life, love, calm, passion, movement, and rest. Her style is characterized by textured mixed techniques on canvas, with gold and silver pigments adding dimension to her artwork.

Inez's approach is personal and tailor-made, with most pieces created specifically for customers. She believes that the artistic process involves a three-way dialogue between her intention, the painting's personality, and the emotions it evokes in viewers.

Through her intuitive approach, Inez creates living, timeless, and exclusive collections that seek balance and harmony with the environment. Her aim is to convey emotions, awaken positive thoughts, and immerse viewers in a world of happiness, love, peace, and hope through her paintings. Find some stunning works in our artshop.

Marharyta Murashko - Ukraine

The Murashko finds her very own description, which she then works towards. She herself describes it like this:The painting clearly traces the movement in which the scat stingrays and their surroundings float: It transmitsthe rhythm of a spiral.

The spiral has been a symbol of vitality since ancient times: it represents a schematicimage of the evolution of the universe and of life in general. In it, force, power and energy are concentrated intoa unique movement. It is a great creative force. The scat stingray with its electrical discharge adds to the power of this symbol; It generates a powerful energy that is believed to promote enlightenment, wisdom and intuition.

Murashko's paintings have been exhibited internationally. She studied art and is a master student of Prof.Prokoview in Dnieper who recognised the talent of his student early on and encouraged her to create her worksin large formats.

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*All of our artpieces are signed originals and  sold with certification from our collection. 

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