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Logo of Palma Hat Week an international hat exhibition and competition hosted once a year inin Palma de Mallorca

Dear Partners and Sponsors of Palma Hat Week 2021

We are hosting Palma Hat Week this year from 15th to 22nd of September 2021 at STUDIO25 in Artà, Mallorca.

This is our third season and we are proud that we already had such a great start in 2019 when we had approx. 2000 visitors throughout our first Palma Hat Week consisting mainly of an international Hat Exhibition and a few satelite events which turned out to be real people magnets, showcasing 100 international hat designs, with a second edition featuring original works from Salvador Dali.

From all the mainstream Media, including english, german and spanish newspapers in Mallorca, to international, english and spanish radio stations. It seems the whole Island was involved in our events.

This year, we want to really turn up the volume at Palma Hat Week.

Throughout the week, Exhibitors will be showcasing, hat and fashion couture.

Every day of the week, there is a special event at a special location to showcase this years hat entries to the press and public.

the landing page  for the event is: 

In 2021 We expect 500 visitors and participants per day in all of our events and activities.

Palma Hat Week has strong social Media Presence: 

Facebook   - 7500 Followers

Instagram  @palmahatweek @atkinskythekinskycollection     - 10.000 Followers

A newsletter list of a combined 8000 followers/Email/Address

We are looking for commercial/sponsoring in the 3 following categories:

Brand Representation at our venue:


Stand alone Pull Up Banners, Stand alone Pull Down Banners at the STUDIO25, your own marketing area to showcase your Product.  

Any stand alone media, max. 80cmx220cm, througout the week.                    EUR 300,- (+vat)

Your Logo placement on the PHW 2021 LOGO WALL at the venue                 EUR 300,- (+vat)

Your Logo placement on the PHW 2021 Flyer ( 5000 pieces - handdelivered)  EUR 150,- (+vat)      

Whole Package Deal:                                                                                                                               EUR 650,-  (+vat)

Adevertisement with us online:

Find your Logo or Banner designs on our website and social media.

Permanent Top Banner on from now until April 2022,                     EUR 250,- (+vat)

Permanent SideBanner on from now until April 2022,                     EUR 200,- (+vat)

Permanent Footer on from now until April 2022,                             EUR 150,- (+vat)

Whole Package Deal:                                                                                      EUR 550,- (+vat)

VIP SPONSORING PACKAGE:                                                                                           

VIP Package (all of the above) inc. Press Preview Event and two tickets for the Gala Dinner.               EUR 1250,- (+vat)

If you want to work with us please send us an Email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the details of our collaboration


Lets have a chat - Simply add our to your Whatsapp and send us your details and best time to talk.

Our Whatsapp Nr. is: +34 685 407 513

Alternatively - you can chat with us directly here by opening the chat window widget at the bottom of this page!


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